Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Library Journal Interview & Cover

I was incredibly honored to be interviewed by Library Journal for their Mystery Preview 2018 issue. And I was somewhat flabbergasted to be sent out on a photo shoot so I could appear on the cover of that issue. (It is starting to dawn on me that having a career in publishing is not just about being a hermit and wearing pajamas to work.)

An excerpt from the Q&A:

Truth, and the manipulation of it, are two tropes that work so well in Baby Teeth. How did you sustain the suspense when there’s knowledge the reader has about Hanna’s behavior and yet Suzette’s retelling of that same behavior isn’t always met with sympathy or acceptance, even from her own husband?

Many people don't know this about me, but I am a theatrically trained actor. One of the most indelible things I learned from an acting class was in regard to playing "evil" characters. The advice we were given was to never think of a character as evil, but to see their motivation as a natural consequence of their life, their experiences, their desire. This changed my thinking in many areas, but in regard to Baby Teeth it meant that I was always focused on each character's truth. I think the tension actually comes from the reader, and their awareness (and frustration) that there is a disconnect between one person's truth and another's.

Read the full Library Journal interview here.

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  1. Baby Teeth was a terrifying read for me.

    You did your job. :)

    Absolutely LOVE your explanation above because I definitely was tense. :)