Monday, April 16, 2018

Trade Reviews for #BabyTeeth

I am very excited and grateful that BABY TEETH has received starred reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal! Reading people's reactions to my book continues to be surprising and fascinating and humbling. I am more aware than ever that everyone brings a bit of her/himself to what they read, and it means my book is experienced differently, in subtle ways, by everyone who reads it.

From the Kirkus review: "Stage fuses horror with domestic suspense to paint an unflinching portrait of childhood psychopathy and maternal regret." Read the full Kirkus Review here.

From the Publishers Weekly review: "Stage’s deviously fun debut takes child-rearing anxiety to demented new heights." Read the full Publishers Weekly review here.

From the Library Journal review: "This twisty first novel has been aptly compared to The Omen and Lionel Shiver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin, which is especially apparent in Stage’s exploration of the dark side of modern motherhood." Read the full Library Journal review here.

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